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Building Rental Information

It’s More Than A Theatre!

Hale Centre Theatre offers an ambience of elegance for corporate events, weddings, and parties. Accommodating groups of up to 900, we lend a professional hand to all your planning needs.


Sharon Kenison

Special Events, Sales & Planning Manager

Phone: (801) 415-2319 or

Email: [email protected]

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Behind the Scenes Staff

Full-Time Staff

Co-Founder & CEO   

  • Mark A. Dietlein

Co-Founder & Artistic Director   

  • Sally Dietlein

Vice President & Executive Director   

  • Quinn Dietlein

Vice President & COO   

  • Michael D. Fox

VP & Creative Director/Resident Scenic Designer:

  • Kacey Udy

VP & Technical Engineering Manager

  • Rob Kinmont

VP & Assoc. Artistic Director  

  • Dave Tinney

VP & Production Manager

  • Tyson Leavitt

Executive Administrative Assistant   

  • Tammy Morgan

Director of Diversity & Outreach

  • Conlon Bonner

Associate Development Director

  • Clint Rice

Strategic Partner Specialist   

  • Adam Dietlein

Strategic Relationship Manager

  • Brandon Erickson

Development Office

  • Dona Staples
  • Shelli Willey

Special Events Manager

  • Sharon Kenison

Head of Automation/Rigging/Electrical Systems

  • Brian Loth

Lead Automation Programmer

  • Tom Hohl

Automation & Video Programmer

  • Alena Rodriguez

Automation Technicians

  • Jonah Garlick
  • Siamani Harris
  • Tyson Thatcher

Content Creation and Marketing Manager

  • Bobby Gibson

Facilities Manager

  • Eric Halter

Associate Facilities Manager

  • Andrew McReynolds

Facilities Technician

  • Gage Peterson

Warehouse Manager

  • Colton Catmull

Scenic Designer

  • Jennifer Stapley Taylor

Production Artist

  • Madeline Ashton

Set Shop Managers

  • Jason Baldwin
  • Adam Flitton

Set Construction

  • Russell Baker
  • Bowie Decker
  • Scott Flitton
  • Zachary Hardman

Lead Scenic Painter

  • Morgan Dawn Golightly

Set & Properties Artist

  • Ryan White

Head of Lighting

  • Danna Barney

Resident Lighting Designer

  • Michael Gray

Lighting Maintenance Technician

  • Michael McGarry

Resident Sound Designer

  • Dan Morgan

Sound Engineers

  • Michelle Ohumukini
  • Griffin McMullin

Properties Designer & Set Dressing

  • Michelle Jensen

Company Manager

  • Michael Hadley

Head of Stage Management

  • Susan Kupferer

Production Stage Managers

  • Jess Edling
  • Chantel Ficklin
  • Megan Johnson

Assistant Stage Manager 

  • Skip Mullcock

Associate Technical Director

  • Andrew Ellis


  • Nathan Gallegos
  • Joshua Sheen

Costume Shop Manager

  • Alaina Laukka

Costume Construction

  • Kimberly Fitt
  • Peggy Willis
  • Joy Zhu

Wardrobe Supervisor

  • Crystal Poloa

Wig Shop Manager/Hair & Makeup Designer

  • Trisha Ison

Hair & Makeup Designer/Cosmetologist

  • Krissa Lent

Patron Service Supervisors

  • Ashley Dean
  • Whitney Louder
  • Teresa Neumann


Part-Time Staff

Costume Construction: 

  • Kim Ostler
  • Julie Porter
  • Jessica Stien
  • Jan White

Wig Shop Assistant/Cosmetologist:

  • Candice Cronin

Properties & Set Dressing:

  • Melanie Jensen

Patron Service Agents:

  • Sean Carter
  • Dixie Casasola
  • Merilynne Cervantes
  • Kathryn Dean
  • Tracy Evans
  • Mechel Hasleton
  • Nancy Mawhinney
  • Carly McDermott
  • Lisa Oveson
  • Brianna Packard
  • Jan Peterson
  • Haven Pratt
  • Sarah Royall
  • Suzanne Severe
  • Cypress Stevens
  • Nicky Thompson
  • Kim Tolman
  • Emily Wright

Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Judy Cameron

Usher Staff:

  • Cheyanne Adams
  • McKenna Ashby
  • Terry Butt
  • LaRene Carlson
  • Jocelyn Casasola
  • Haven Christensen
  • Shaneen Cloward
  • Chris Curtis
  • Brent Erickson
  • Mary Fogel
  • Brooke Funk
  • Jay Funk
  • Shauna Gee
  • Hailey Hatch
  • Kathi Leaf
  • Steve Levesque
  • Sophia Micheel
  • Mollie Moon
  • Alida Nesbitt
  • Lizzy Nuttall
  • Kelly Oveson
  • Abby Philpott
  • Caroline Rawlings
  • Hayleigh Rose
  • Debora Searcy
  • Jessica Smith
  • Beth Sutherland
  • Zeke Tripodi
  • Cameron Ward
  • Naomi White
  • Gaye Young
  • Jennica Young

Production Assistant:

  • Richelle Ohumukini

Parking Attendants:

  • Dean Carver
  • Kimberly Radack
  • April Ulugia

Production Photography:

  • Gage Peterson

Video Production 

  • Cardinal Red Productions
  • Sam Porter

Graphic Design:

  • The Design Farm

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Board of Trustees


Chairman of the Board

Robert Brough* 


Amy Rees Anderson 

Nathan Anderson 

Patrice Arent 

Kevin Bauer 

Jeff Bickel 

Earlene Blaser

Conlon Bonner

Lee Bowen 

Russ Bradshaw* 

Derek Brown 

Ron Burt

Brooke Christensen* 

Roger Christensen 

Dan Clark

Andrea Clarke 

Larry Cox 

Lew Cramer 

Charles Dahlquist 

Jeff Davis 

Mark Dietlein * 

Quinn Dietlein*

Sally Dietlein*

Luz Escamilla 

Judy C. Fang* 

Joan Fenton 

Jeff Flamm 

Nancy Flamm

Michael D. Fox* 

Randy Garn 

Larry Gibson* 

Matt Gnau 

Ron Gunnell 

Keri Hale 

Christy Alter Haymond*

Todd Heiner 

Roger Henriksen* 

John Huizingh 

David Jensen 

Sterling Jenson 

Jonathan Johnson 

Karen Hale Keller

Claire Wilkins Kenny 

Lianna M. Kinard

Christopher Kirkland

Peggy Larsen 

Michelle A. Love-Day 

Al Manbeian

Shelly Martin 

Jennifer Miller* 

Scott Mitchell

Natalie Montague

Rachelle Morris 

Kris Coleman-Nicholl 

Sterling Nielsen

Philip Niu

David Pack 

Jason Perry

Nick Perry 

Tyler Ploeger

Michael Poulter 

Gene Pranger 

Sean Reyes 

Ross Romero 

Jane Stickel

Rick Tolman 

Jon VanderStek 

Sharlene Wells 

Athelia Woolley 

Mary Young 

*Executive Committee


Craig Ainge

Lyle Beecher

Aaron Call

William Child 

Dave Cole 

Kent Collins 

K. Newell Dayley 

Amanda Dickson 

Allan Dietlein 

Sandra Dietlein 

Robert Graham 

Terry Grant 

Don Gull

Nathan Hale 

Fred Healey

Jason Hewlett

Mark H. Huntsman 

Paul Hutchinson 

Elaine Jack

Missy Larsen

David Layton 

Rozanne Marsh 

Kelly Matthews 

Roger (RP )Monsen

Ellen North 

Larry Olson

Marshall Paepke

Scott Parson

Marc Pinnock 

Joanne L. Rigby 

Randy Rigby 

Raymond Short 

Brent Sloan 

Ron Smart 

Jack Solomon 

Jeff Swinton 

Warren Tate

Thomas Taylor

Matthew Tenney

Greg Wood

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Volunteer Hosts

Linda Bench 

Colleen Bliss 

Necia Burrup 

Kent Burton

Ron Cameron 

Stefanie Campbell 

Kathy Casterline 

Aimee Chester 

Lisa Christianson 

Jenny Cottam 

Madi Davies

Brian Dunn

Sharon Dunn 

Marietta Evans 

Jan Garrett 

Esther Giezendanner

Carolyn Gilbert 

Lesley Goeckeritz 

Jan Harrison 

Jennifer Hedman 

Lithia Heumann 

Cathy Hill 

Jim Hollingshaus 

Rita Hollingshaus

Deborah Hunter 

Kim Johnson

Kimberly Johnson

Madeline Keith 

Heather Kuntz 

Paige Kuntz

Jo Labrum 

Kimberly Larsen 

Sandy Leonard 

Kristie Matthews 

Terri Nakashima 

Debbie Olson 

Beverly Peek

Jolene Peoples

Lisa Peterson 

Robin Provost

Kathleen Riley 

Luisa Rogers

Sandra Staker

Bruce Talbot 

Evelyn Talbot 

Marlene Tillman 

DonnaLee Tolley 

Grant Tolley

Sally VanDyke 

Kaylee Walker

Carol Zarbock

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Partners & Donors

Hale Centre Theatre thanks the following individuals, corporations, foundations and public funding sources for their generous donations. Hale Centre Theatre is a designated 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and your contribution are tax-deductible. The following pages comprise a listing of contributors in the past year. Please contact the HCT Development Office at 801-415-2340 if you would like to make a donation or if your name has been inadvertently left off the list or is misspelled. Thank you for your generous support.

2020 Season Sponsor:

Sponsor 1 MACU Horz
Sponsor 2 Young Living Sponsor 3 Sorenson Sponsor 17 LDS Sponsor 41 Dell Loy Hansen Family Sponsor 43 Child Family Sponsor 5 Huntsman Sponsor 12 George Eccles Sponsor 9 Joan Tim Fenton Sponsor 16 Julie David Layton Sponsor 10 Gardner Company Sponsor 11 Larry Miller Sponsor 18 JEPS Sponsor 42 Scott Karen Keller Sponsor 13 Parr Brown Sponsor 44 The Cook Family Sponsor 6 Optum Care Sponsor 8 Minky Couture Sponsor 46 Barbara Barrington Foundation Sponsor 4 ZAP Sponsor 15 State of Utah Sponsor 14 Sandy
Sponsor 20 Beecher Walker Sponsor 25 Layton Sponsor 19 Real Sponsor 23 Wasatch Sponsor 29 Popio Sponsor 22 Lifetime Sponsor 26 Zions Bank Sponsor 27 Won Door Sponsor 28 Robert Kent jr Sponsor 24 Coca Cola Sponsor 33 Zororez Sponsor 30 Centra Com Sponsor 31 Truss Sponsor 32 Inter West Sponsor 34 Clyde Sponsor 45 Utah

Platinum Level ···

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation

  • Beneficial Life Insurance
  • Company Bonneville International Corp.
  • Deseret Book Company
  • Deseret Digital Media
  • Deseret Management Corporation
  • Deseret News Publishing Company
  • KSL Broadcast Group
  • The Joseph Smith Memorial Building Restaurants & Catering
  • The Lion House

The Cook Family

Gardner Company

George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation

The Huntsman Foundation

JEPS Foundation

Joan & Tim Fenton Family Foundation

Scott & Karen Hale Keller

Julie M. & David S. Layton Foundation

Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation

Minky Couture

Mountain America Credit Union


Parr Brown Gee & Loveless

Sorenson Legacy Foundation

Young Living Essential Oils


Gold Level ···

Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation

Beecher Walker & Associates


Child Family Foundation

Clyde Companies, Inc.

The Design Farm

Dell Loy Hansen Family Foundation

InterWest Moving & Storage

Layton Construction Company

Lifetime Products

Listen Technologies


Gene & Laura Pranger

Real Salt Lake

Robert D. Kent, Jr. Trust

Ron & Jodie Smart

Swire Coca-Cola


Utah Royals FC

Wasatch Acquisitions & Capital, Inc.

The Won-Door Corporation


Zions Bank


Silver Level ···


97th Floor

Craig & Kathy Ainge

Aspire Surgical

BCJ Financial Group

Beacon Commercial Door & Lock

Bertin Family Foundation

Richard & Patricia T. Clyde Family

Collins Roofing, Inc.

James & Lynette Dashner

Dominion Energy


G&A Partners

Larry & Shirley Gibson

Andrea Golding

Heiner Foundation

Hullinger Family Foundation

Iron Gate Catering

Craig Johns Family

Joseph & Kathleen Sorenson Legacy Foundation

Les Olson Company

Löwen Watch Group

Jen & Steve Miller

Scot & Tiffany Olson

Marshall & Heather Paepke

Robert & Kim Pedersen

Reed & Charity Quinn Family


Jeff & Sandee Smith


WCF Insurance

Ken & Athelia Woolley


Bronze Level ···

Alsco Linen & Uniform Rental Services

Rollin & Amy Rees Anderson

Brent & Cheri Andrus

Atlas Disposal

Bear River Mutual


Jeff & April Bickel

Bruce & Jean Bingham

Stephen & Earlene Blaser

Lee & Tricia Bowen

Dr. Gregory S. & Sally P. Brinton

The Buckner Company

Ron & Leslie Burt

Wendel & Kerry Burt

Ron & Judy Cameron

Roy A. Cleland

Wilford & Natalie Clyde

Columbus Travel

Jeff & Michelle Davis

Ted & Marge Davis

Lani & Joel Dehlin

Mark & Sally Dietlein

Charles E. Erb Foundation

Fang Family Foundation

Flamm Family Foundation

Lane & Tara Franks

GBS Benefits

Scott & Tiffany Gordon

Todd & Meredith Grierson

Gunnell Family Foundation

Robert & Wendy Hanks Family

Henriksen Butler

Jason & Tami Hewlett

Paul & Heather Holbrook

Industrial Battery Supply

Industrial Supply Company

J. P. Morgan

Bruce & Diane Jardine

Sterling & Joleen Jenson

Kenco Drywall

Phil & Claire Kenny


Jim & Peggy Larsen

Scott & Jessica Law

Scott & Laurie Lundberg

Paul & Ruth Lyon Family Foundation

Al & Lauri Manbeian

Market Street Grill

Mark & DeAnn McBride

John, Elzar, Zella & Jeanie McKendrick

Richard & Brenda Miles

Matt & Debbie Miller

Moreton & Company

Larry & Pat Olson

Charles & Kathryn Parry

Catherine Pedersen

Poll Sound

Steve & Michelle Racker

V. Kelly & Debra E. Randall

RSD Container Yard Services

Regional Supply

Rocky Mountain Power

Roto Aire Filter Sales & Service

Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce

Sue Scoresby

Brent & Shauna Sloan

South Valley Chamber of Commerce

Staker Parson Materials & Construction

Tim Dahle Auto Group

Warren & Suzanne Tate

Towne Storage


Utah Woolen Mills

Jon & Sherrill VanderStek

Steve & Jenny Waldrip

Wasatch I.T.

Charles & Shauna Wheatley

Cohan & Amber White


Pamela Allen

AVI Systems

Russell and Terri Baker Family

Beverley Taylor Sorenson Foundation

Russ & Karen Bradshaw

Thomas & Madison Bready

Wallace & Patricia Brown

Franz & Margaret Busse

Larry & Lynda Cox


Charles & Zella Dahlquist

Douglas & Susan Davis

Rob & Ann Dinsdale

E. Dean & Teri Flanders

Michael & Barbara Fox

Matt & Karen Gnau

David & Paulina Gudgell

The Harrison Sisters

Brett and Christy Haymond

John & Sarah Huizingh & Sons

Jeff Isaacson

David & Jennifer Jensen

Ron & Lori Jensen

Kaelin Family Foundation

Jeff & Corrine Kendall

Virgil & Lela Kovalenko

Jayne Luke

Celeste Lund

Paul & Ruth Lyon Family Foundation

Rozanne Marsh

Chris & Susan McCandless

Todd and Michelle McKinley

Melba McKenzie Charitable Trust

Tammy Morgan 

Rachelle Morris

David Pack

Richard & Deborah Pariseau

Matthew & Alissa Paxman

Sean & Saysha Reyes

Clint Rice

Rocky Mountain Power Foundation

Nathan & Shannon Savage

Matthew & Jamie Shaw

Jeremy Smith

Karen Spencer

Nicholas & Kim Spencer

Richard & Ronda Stayner

Jane Stickel & James MacInnes

The Swanson Family

Jeff & Heidi Swinton

Robert & Marcene Taylor

Tom & Pam Taylor

Douglas & Susan Terry

Mike Thaller

Union Pacific Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Greg & Angie White

Will Ascend Foundation

Robert & Laura Wilson

Bill & Hope Worner

Dean & Jane ZoBell

Nathanael Abbott

Jennifer Aguirre

Alice Alcorn

Alliance Data

Amazon Smile

American Express Gift Matching

Cabrielle Andersen

Daniel Anderson

Spencer Anopol

Patrice Arent

Kirt Ashton

Anson Bagley

Jason Baldwin

Clayton Barney

Ali Bennett

In Honor of Michael Bennett

Eden Benson

Lynn Berrett

Dustin Bolt

Mark Bonham

Agnes Brandt

Lisa Buck

Brittany Bullen

Clark Bullen

Jason Buonforte

Blake Burnham

Parker Burnham

Rebecca Burroughs

Connor Butler

Kaden Caldwell

Carrie Call

Ken Calney

Joshua Carr

Sean Carter

Seren Carter

Ann Clark

Lawrence & Carole Clarke

Kelly Coombs

Jeffrey & Katina Coon

Sam Cooper

Jana Lynne Cox

Tom & Kathy Crismon

Candice Cronin

Kristi Curtis

Carson Davies

Oran de Baritault

Derrick Dean

Ashley Dean

Kathryn Dean

Jacob Despain

Cierra DeWaal

Adam Dietlein

Cameron Dietlein

Olivia Dietlein

Quinn & Dawn Dietlein

Charles Dover

Eve Drown


Tamari Dunbar

Jaren Dunn

Terry & Dorrie Emmons

Brandon & Deanna Erickson

Keith & Adrianne Evans

Susan Evans

Tracy Ann Evans

Summer Farnsworth

Darren Farr

Charlie Flint

Adam Flitton

In Memory of Evelyn Foster

Drew Francom

Katie Frandsen

Aileen Freckleton

Daniel Frederickson

Philip Garner

Ronald & Diana Gee

In Memory of Elizabeth B. Gillard

Goldman Sachs

Robert Graham

Patti Greaves

Judy Grover

Brandon Gull

Michael Hadley

Debra Hahn 

Elizabeth Hale

Nathan & Kathleen Hale

Eric & Sharon Halter

Paul & Lynette Hancock

Mindi Hansen

Sean Hansen

Preston Harmon

Siamani Harris

Jake Hart

Mechel Hasleton

Emily Hawkes

Patrick Hawkins

Megan Lynn Heaps

Jennifer Hedman

Jimmy Henderson

Danny & Twyla Hendrix

Doug and Celestia Himstreet

Jerome Hirschi

Brooke Holladay

Dave Hollerbach

Mitchell Holyoak

Josie Hulme

Trisha Ison

Elaine Jensen

Joe & Glo Jensen

Michael Jensen

Ron Jensen

Val & Shirley Jensen

Aimee Johnson

Bailee Johnson

Chad Kearl

Jack & Sharon Kenison

Stephen & Kristin Kerr

Warren & Patricia Ketcham

Joseph Kinmont

Matthew Klozik

Matt & Brooklynn Kohler

Rebecca Kremin

Sammie Krohn

Bruce & Pat Lake

Connie Larsen

Lloyd and Peggy Layton

David & Kathi Leaf

Josh Lee

Krissa Lent

Chad Little

Allen & Janice Litster

Katie Labrot

Whitney Louder

Anthony Lovato

John & Diane Madsen

Skyler Mann

David Marsden

David & Sarah Martin

Douglas Marx

Ryder Mason

Bridget Maxwell

Joanne Mayne

Chris McCandless

Ali Mccashland

Andrew A. McReynolds

Janet Medsker

Brianna Meikle

Lauren Merrill

MeriLynn Michaelis

Rachelle Morris

Edward Moulder

Louise Mudd

Jennifer Neff

Orva Nelson

Network for Good

Reid & Teresa Neumann

John Nielsen

Benjamin Oldroyd

Janet Olevsky

Ron & Kaye Ostler

Kirk Pace

Fred Paulson

Daniel & Shari Peterson

Gage Peterson

Julianna Pierson

Lauren Pope

Alec Powell

Gay & Tom Price

Pamela Price

Hal Price Family

Nate Priday

Farley Quist

Greyson Richards

Josh Richardson

Will Riches

Brody Ripple

Mike Romney

Brandon & Kate Rufener

David & Janice Schwartz

Kande Shackelford

McKelle Shaw

Elisse Shell

Heather Shelley

Ray Short

Martin & Tani Smihula

Austin Smith

Denis & Denise Smith

Derek & Keolani Smith

Jeremy Smith

Taylor Smith

Linda Lou Snyder

Peggy Soeldner

David and Tamera Sollis

Brian & Nicole Sonnleitner

Jackie Spendlove

Ric Starnes

Tanner Sumens

Nick & Melissa Summers

Michelle Sundwal

Andrew Sutton

Bret Swalberg

John & Ally Sweeney

Rick & Lisa Taggart

Bruce & Gae Tams

Gaylia Tanner

Stacia Hardy Tanner

Joanna Tarantola

Ben Tate

Emily Taylor

David & Anna Thackeray

Aathaven Tharmarajah

Jeff Thompson

Dave & LaRene Tinney

United Way of Salt Lake

Matt Varelia

Christine Warren

Barbara & Ron Watt

Wayne & Lesley Webster

David Weekes

Amanda Weeks-Geveden

Betsy West

Michael West

Sherman & Pamela White

Bryan & Shelli Willey

Peggy Willis

Carol Wilson

Crissy Winn

Ryan Withers

Abram Yarbro

Zac Zumbrunnen

HCT Applauds

HCT Applauds


Senior Charity Care Foundation

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for low-income seniors by providing mobile dental, vision and hearing clinics.

Section HCT Applauds Senior Charity Color
Sponsor 1 MACU Horz 2

Audience Information

Optimal Audio

If your digital hearing aid is equipped with hearing loop technology – turn it on now to enjoy the best audio fidelity possible. Assistive Listening Devices are available free of charge at each performance on a first-come, first-served basis. Ask at the Box Office for details.

ASL Interpretation & Audio Description

ASL Interpretation for the deaf or hard or hearing and Audio Description for the visually impaired is available at specific performances. Please inquire with a box office agent for specific dates and times.

Wheelchair Seating

Ample ADA accommodations are available. Please inform our Customer Service Representative when making your reservation that you require wheelchair space. Arrive 30 minutes before curtain time to obtain assistance from the House Manager.


In consideration of patrons already seated in the theatre, reserved seating will be held until curtain, after which alternate seating will be used. When traveling to performances, please allow ample time for traffic delays, road construction and parking.

Please Stay Seated

Please stay at your seat until AFTER the curtain call.

Young Children Policy

As a courtesy to other audience members, please ensure that children at performances are not disruptive during the show. Babes- in-arms and children under 5 are not allowed in the theatre during performances.

Quiet Please

As a courtesy to the actors on stage and to other audience members, please turn off cell phones, pagers, beeping watches or any other noisemaking device. Also, please refrain from allowing concessions items such as candy wrappers and soda pop cups to become noisy during the performance.


We are happy to recycle your program – simply give it to an usher on your way out. Thank you for placing all refuse in trash receptacles as you exit the theatre.

Copyright Adherence

In compliance with copyright laws, it is strictly prohibited to take any photographs or any audio or video recordings of the performance.

No Outside Food or Drink

Get Social With HCT

For the latest insider information from Hale Centre Theatre, find us on:

Support HCT

TAKE A MOMENT to think about all that goes into this performance—stage engineering, crafting of costumes, set designs, sound effects, lighting schemes, and the work of talented actors, directors, and production teams bringing it all together. Donations make this possible.

Ticket sales account for only 75% of operation and production costs. Your support makes up the difference. Please help sustain Hale Centre Theatre’s mission to provide affordable world-class, family theatre and theatre education for and by the community.

Your financial support keeps ticket prices affordable for everyone and helps the theatre’s educational and other outreach programs impact the community. Each year, HCT offers free tickets and educational programs to over 10,000 children and adults who would likely not have the opportunity to attend otherwise.

Support Hale Centre Theatre with donations of:

Cash in the form of: Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Money Orders, etc.

Securities in the form of: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, etc.

Planned gifts in the form of: Wills, Bequests, Trusts, Annuities, etc.

Gifts in kind: Services and tangible items to offset budgeted items

Matching gifts: Inquire with your Company’s HR department

Marketable land and valuable assets: Inquire with the Theatre’s Development Department

Thank you


Individual Support

Your generous support of Hale Centre Theatre helps ensure the Theatre’s financial stability. In appreciation, you enjoy a wide array of acknowledgement and benefits.

Foundation Support

Foundation gifts provide crucial support for Hale Centre Theatre’s productions, community outreach and education programs.

Corporate Support

A partnership with Hale Centre Theatre, one of Utah’s highest-profile arts organizations, brings you recognition, opportunities for corporate entertaining, and employee benefits.

Public Support

Hale Centre Theatre gratefully receives public support to fulfill its mission.

Our History

About Us

In 1934, Nathan and Ruth Hale were asked by their church leader to put on a play. They found one that had a $25 royalty—but $25 was more money than was in the church activity budget for an entire year. “Write one,” they were told. They did and launched a life-time of entertaining millions and a legacy that lives on.

In the early 30’s the Hales traveled with their ‘acting troupe’ to theatres all around Utah. They wrote more and performed more. In 1944 their adventures took them and their children to Southern California so that Nate could get in the movies. Finally, they decided to start a theatre of their own in Glendale, California in a little house that seated 99. They arranged the seats around the room—and voilà—their signature theater-in-the-round began. The theatre sold-out regularly so they brought on help—their oldest daughter Sandra and her husband Allan Dietlein became business partners. They built a new theatre of 220 seats. Both theatres sold-out. They built a third theatre of 440 seats. Still operating today, The Glendale Centre Theatre is an icon.

In their 70’s and after authoring more than 80 plays and musicals—many published—Nathan and Ruth thought it time to retire. They moved back to Utah, recovered a couch and braided a rug. They found retirement makes you sick. What to do? Start a new theatre in Utah. 

So, in 1985 they found an old lingerie factory in South Salt Lake, UT and asked their daughter Sally Hale Rice and their oldest grandson, Mark Dietlein and his wife (also Sally) to join in a partnership. The Hale Centre Theatre began! The original 220 seats began selling-out in just over a year. 

A wall was knocked out and new seats were added. 350 seats sold-out in no time and a balcony (of sorts) took HCT to 387. Sell-outs again. Out of seats and out of parking, the theatre began to look for a new home. A change from a for profit business to a 501c3 non profit was necessary to build a bigger theatre and provide more community outreach. 

In 1998, West Valley City, UT partnered to build a beautiful new, magical facility with a moving stage. The gorgeous new building boasted 530 seats and state-of-the-art theatrical technology. In 2004 the theatre again began to burst at the seams. A wall was knocked out and seats were added to 613. Patrons filled the house. Up to 16 performances weekly on one stage became the norm. Out of seats and out of parking. What to do?

With the passing of beloved Nathan and Ruth Hale and also beautiful, Sally Hale Rice, Mark and Sally Dietlein and a powerful Board of Trustees moved forward. A new partnership was formed with Sandy City, UT and a theatrical miracle was designed and built. 

The Hale Centre Theatre at the Mountain America Performing Arts Centre opened its doors in November, 2017. With two stages and plenty of attached free-parking, the theatre was built for growth. The new, Young Living Centre Stage seats 911 in the most technological theatrical space in the world. The Sorenson Legacy Jewel Box Stage comfortably seats 467 in a proscenium thrust style—also bursting with special effects. Well over 560,000 patrons enjoyed plays and musicals at HCT in its first full year of operation and audiences are growing.

It has been an amazing ride over 35 years! We are grateful to millions of extraordinary patrons, thousands of actors, hundreds of co-workers and dazzling creatives. We are grateful to have shared a legacy with Grandma and Grandpa Hale and dear, Sally Hale Rice, as this marvelous theatrical adventure continues on. 

We, the Board of Trustees, along with 72 full-time, 150 part-time employees and almost 500 actors each year want to thank you for your trust in allowing us to entertain you!

Mark Sally Signatures Hrz

Mark & Sally Dietlein

Co-founders/executive producers