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Show Information

Hale Centre Theatre's production of

Book by

Nick Blaemire

Music Adaptation by

Madeline Smith

Vocal and Incidental Arrangements by

Madeline Smith

Additional Lyrics by

Nick Blaemire

Orchestrations by

Matthew Tishler

Music Produced by

Matthew Tishler

Songs by

John Alkenas, Adam Anders, Aristeidis Archontis, Antonina Armato, Howard Ashman, Peer Astrom, Stephen Mark Conley, Doug Davis, Charity Daw, Andrew C. Dodd, Josh Edmondson, Pipo Fernandez, Nikki Hassman, Samuel Hollander, Ben Hostetler, Tim James, Hanna Anthony Mirabella, Shayna Mordue, Chen Neeman, Susan Paroff, Shelly M. Peiken, Joacim Persson, James K. Petrid, Adam Schlesinger, Tyler Shamy, Jodie Shihadeh, Nikki Ann Sorrentino, Thomas Armato Sturges, Ali Dee Theodore, Matthew Wong, David Zippel


Based on the Disney Channel Original Movies

Written by

Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott


Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Any video and/or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

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Production Team

Director/Choreographer: David Paul Smith

Music Director: Bailee Morris

Production Stage Manager: Riya Sahasrabudhe

Assistant Stage Managers: Fish Ford, Taylor Ballard

Sound Design: Kristin Tenney

Costume Design: Alaina Laukka

Scenic & Properties Design: Kacey Udy

Video Projections: Josh Shipley

Hair & Make-up Design: Candice Cronin

Lighting Design: Renee Fowler

Dressers: Maggie Sheen, Courteney Shipley

Deck Crew:  ~





Mal: Reese Oliveira

Evie: Annie Call

Jay: Zach Kessinger

Carlos: Garrett Manning

Maleficent: Emma Rollins

Grimhilde: Fia Pugh

Jafar: Aiden Anderson

Cruella De Vil: Sarah Kenny

Ben: Carter McEwan

King Beast: Sammy Lyon

Queen Belle: Jaimee Monson

Fairy Godmother: Emma Chapman

Jane: Avery Beesley

Chad: Carter Grover

Audrey: Madelyn Thompson

Doug: Jackson Hughes

Maurice / Royal Guard / Coach / Ensemble: Ben Wheeler

Royal Page / Ensemble: Dillan Haddock

Snow White / Ensemble: Angela Mananquil

Ensemble: Ava Smith

Ensemble: Elle Paxton

Ensemble: Edyn Armitage

Ensemble: Sarah Glancy

Ensemble: Tessa Hulse

Ensemble: Nora Hartman

Ensemble: Maggie Fisher

Ensemble: Jackson Elhalta

Ensemble: Reese Jones

Ensemble: Tess Arbuckle

Ensemble: Sophia Magleby

Ensemble: Lily Brady

Ensemble: Brighton Walker

Ensemble: Katherine Clark

Ensemble: Courtney Ross

Ensemble: Emily Alvey-Despain

Ensemble: Maxwell Sperry

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Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers

Disney’s Descendants: The Musical


Scene 1 – Auradon, Belle And Beast’s Castle

Better Together (Prelude 1)


Scene 2 – Isle of the Lost

Rotten to the Core (Part 1)

Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Ensemble

Rotten to the Core (Part 2)

Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Ensemble

Maleficent’s Entrance 1

Evil Like Me

Maleficent, Mal

Scene 3 – Auradon Prep

Be Our Guest (Part 1)

Auradonian Choir

Be Our Guest (Part 2)

Chad, Auradonian Choir

Good Is the New Bad (Preprise)

Fairy Godmother

Good Is the New Bad (Part 1)

Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Auradonians

Good Is the New Bad (Part 2)

Doug, Audrey, Chad, Evils, Auradonians

Good Is the New Bad (Playoff)

Scene 4 – Mal and Evie’s Dorm Room

Scene 5 – Dorm Hallway

Scene 6 – Museum of Cultural History

Evil Like Me (Reprise 1)


Scene 7 – Auradon Prep, Classroom

Scene 8 – Isle of the Lost, Maleficent’s Lair

Rotten to the Core (Parents’ Revenge)

Maleficent, Jafar, Grimhilde, Cruella

SCene 9 – Auradon Prep, Tourney Field


Jay, Carlos, Mal, Evie, Ben, Chad, Coach, Auradonians

Good Is the New Bad (Reprise 1)

Auradonians 1 & 2

Scene 10 – Mal and Evie's Dorm Room

Scene 11 – Auradon Prep, Courtyard

Did I Mention (Prelude)


Did I Mention

Ben, Jay, Carlos, Evie, Auradonians

Scene 12 – The Date

Better Together (Prelude 2)

Ben, Mal

Scene 13 – Mal and Evie's Dorm Room

Space Between

Mal, Evie

Chillin’ Like a Villain (Part 1)

Evie, Jay, Carlos

Scene 14 – Isle of the Lost

Chillin’ Like a Villain (Part 2)

Evie, Jay, Carlos, Ben

Scene 15 – Auradon Prep, Hallway

Good Is the New Bad (Reprise 2)


Scene 16 – Isle Of The Lost, Mal’s Hideout

If Only

Mal, Ben

Scene 17 – Auradon Prep, Courtyard

Ways to Be Wicked

Audrey, Chad, Evils, Ben, Auradonians, Evil Parents

Scene 18 – The Coronation, Auradon Cathedral

Go the Distance (Chorale)

Auradonian Choir

Evil Like Me (Reprise 2)


Better Together


Break This Down


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