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To the generous sponsors of Daddy Long Legs.

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Show Information

Hale Centre Theatre's production of

Music and Lyrics by 

Paul Gordon

Book by 

John Caird

Based on the novel by Jean Webster


Directed & Choreographed by

Jennifer Hill Barlow

Orchestrations by

Paul Gordon and Brad Hook

Originally presented Off-Broadway by

Ken Davenport, Michael Jackowitz, Hunter Arnold, Peg McFeeley Golden, Tres Rosas, Ben Bailey, David Bryant, Caiola Productions,  Carl Daikeler, Jeffrey Groves, Marguerite Hoffman

Originally produced by a consortium that includes the Rubican Theatre Company, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park and TheatreWorks Palo Alto, the Tem Theatre, Northlight Theatre, Skylight Music Theatre and David Elzer


Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Any video and/or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

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Production Team

Producer: Sally Dietlein

Director/Choreographer: Jennifer Hill Barlow

Music Director: Kelly DeHaan

Production Stage Manager:  Megan Johnson

Scenic Design & Video/Projection Design: Madeline Ashton

Costume Design: Peggy Willis

Lighting Design: Marianne Ohran

Sound Design: Dan Morgan

Properties Design: Michelle Jensen

Hair & Make-up Design: Candice Cronin

Video/Projection Animation: Bobby Gibson

Automation Design: Siamani Moananu

Production Stage Manager: Megan Johnson

Stage Manager: Riya Sahasrabudhe

Assistant Stage Managers: Amy Castro, Riya Sahasrabudhe, Laney Marsella , Payton Wright

Lightboard Operators: Colin Skip Wilson, Aaron Gubler

Sound Engineers: Griffin McMullin, Kristen Tenney, Dan Morgan

Stage Technicians: Ben Ward, Joe Bowen, Will Ingram, Marissa Olson

Wardrobe & Hair/Make-up Dressers: Cassie Firth, Claire Jones, Savannah Waldron

Follow Spot: Duane Woodruff - Lead, Michael Shipley, Lucas Jessop

Director's Notes

Can two people fall in love sight unseen? In a time when so many people swipe left without even reading a profile, do we believe that a man and woman could fall in love just by writing letters to each other?

Daddy Long Legs answers that question–with a “yes” that’s as resounding as it is satisfying to watch unfold–but does a lot more besides. It’s a love story that will feed your heart, a coming of age story that will feed your mind, while the stagecraft and songs send your eyes and ears to the dessert table.

Our lead, Jerusha Abbott, is a heroine who combines the qualities of so many you already know, while becoming something much greater than the sum of her individual parts. She’s as charming as Eliza Doolittle, but more confident–as spirited as Little Orphan Annie, but more mature–as independent as Shakespeare’s Kate Minola, but more compassionate–as bright as Beauty and the Beast’s Belle, but not so clingy. And she’s what every Jane Austen heroine wishes she could be, but isn’t quite tough enough to really pull off.

Jerusha is the oldest orphan at the John Grier Home, where she’s spent most of her life. Our story starts at a pivotal time for her, where she bears most of the responsibility of keeping the orphanage running because of her age, but has the least likelihood of finding a home… because of her age. One of the orphanage’s trustees, the mysterious Mr. Smith, takes notice of Jerusha’s cleverness, having read some satirical essays of hers on life at the orphanage. He decides that this girl’s intellect must be nurtured and fed, so he adopts her as a ward: he will send her to college gratis, but she must reward him every month with a letter on her experiences.

She doesn’t know who this man is, or even the color of his eyes. He doesn’t know if he loves her, or if he’s supporting her merely out of charity. But through the course of their correspondence–which unfolds before our eyes–she becomes the woman she was meant to be and their relationship becomes the secret of his happiness.

Think of it as You’ve Got Mail meets F. Scott Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise plus all the sincere bits of Annie Hall and the charming bits of My Fair Lady thrown in for good measure–but with songs that are taking their place among new classics.

Originally a book published by Jean Webster in 1912, Daddy Long Legs is the love story that’s been hiding right in front of us all along. It would remain mostly unknown to American audiences for almost 100 years until Paul Gordon masterfully spun together the words and music you’ll hear tonight. There were adaptions of Daddy Long Legs for stage and screen–including the particularly charming Curly Top starring Shirley Temple in 1935–shortly after the book’s release, but it remained forgotten to American audiences for a long time.

Gordon’s version premiered in California in 2009, but adaptations of Webster’s love story have found audiences worldwide. In 1984, it was adapted into a Kanamarayathu for Indian audiences, followed by Watashi no Ashinaga Ojisan for Japanese audiences in 1990, and Kidari Ajeossi for Korea in 2005.

Daddy Long Legs is a classic love story that has found an audience in the confusing time of tagging, texting, snapping, swiping, and all the other endless online distractions. Enjoy the slow burn of a love story in the magical days of pen pals, stationary, creativity, and longing.

Jennifer Hill-Barlow

Director/Choreographer - Daddy Long Legs 

0421 Season lineup 0421

Synopsis of Scenes

Act I

John Grier Home – Spring 1908

Oldest Orphan

Jerusha Abbott

John Grier Home/Fergusson Hall – May 1-Sept. 14, 1908

Who is This Man?

Jerusha Abbott

Fergusson Hall – Sept. 1908

Mr. Girl Hater

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

Jervis’ Office – Oct 1, 1908

She Thinks I’m Old

Jervis Pendleton

Fergusson Hall – Oct 12, 1908

Like Other Girls

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

Fergusson Hall – Oct. 28, 1908

Freshman Year Studies

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

Fergusson Hall – Dec. 5, 1908

Things I Didn’t Know

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

Jervis’ Office – Dec. 1908

What Does She Mean by Love?

Jervis Pendleton

Fergusson Hall – April 1, 1909

I’m a Beast

Jerusha Abbott

Jervis’ Office – May 10, 1909

When Shall We Meet?

Jervis Pendleton

Fergusson Hall – May 1909

The Color of Your Eyes

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

Fergusson Hall – May-June 1909

Like Other Girls (Reprise)

Jervis Pendleton

Lock Willow – Aug 1, 1909

The Secret of Happiness

Jerusha Abbott 

Lock Willow – Aug 1909

The Color of Your Eyes (Reprise 1)

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

Act II

Fergusson Hall/McBride’s Home – Sept 25, 1909-Feb 15, 1910

Sophomore Year Studies

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

New York – April 7-June 7, 1910

My Manhattan

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

Lock Willow – June 10-Aug 15, 1910

I Couldn’t Know Someone Less

Jerusha Abbott

Jervis Office/Lock Willow – Aug 15-Aug 25, 1910

The Man I’ll Never Be

Jervis Pendleton

Lock Willow/Fergusson Hall – Aug 25-Oct 1, 1910

The Secret of Happiness (Reprise 1)

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

Pendleton’s Home – Jan 10-Sept. 9, 1911

Christmas in Manhattan

Jerusha Abbott

Camp McBride – Sept. 9, 1911

Humble Pie

Jervis Pendleton

Fergusson Hall/Lock Willow – Dec. 17, 1911-Apr. 4, 1912

Senior Year Studies

Jerusha Abbott

School – June 10-19, 1912

Graduation Day

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

Lock Willow/Jervis’ Office – June 19-July 4, 1912


Jervis Pendleton

Lock Willow – July 4-30, 1912

I Have Torn You from my Heart

Jerusha Abbot & Jervis Pendleton

Lock Willow – July 30, 1912

My Manhattan (Reprise)

Jervis Pendleton

Lock Willow – Sept. 19, 1912

The Color of Your Eyes (Reprise 2)

Jerusha Abbott

Jervis’ Office/Lock Willow - Oct 4-10, 1912

The Secret of Happiness (Reprise 2)

Jerusha Abbott

Jervis’ Office – Oct 10, 1912

I’m a Beast (Reprise)

Jervis Pendleton

Jervis’ Office – Oct 10, 1912

All This Time

Jerusha Abbott & Jervis Pendleton

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Cast in Order of Appearance

M · TH · S (4pm & 7:30pm)
T · W · F · S (12:30pm)
Scout Smith
Kelly Coombs
Taylor Morris
David Paul Smith
Kelly DeHaan
Tanner DeHaan
Nicole Pinnell
Josh Ogden
Bryan Matthew Hague
Bryan Matthew Hague
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Cast Biographies


Scout Smith

Scout Smith

M · TH · S (4pm & 7:30pm)

Scout is pleased to be back on our stage, most recently appearing as Ellie Blake in Freaky Friday.  Other favorite roles include HCTO - Sense and Sensibility (Marianne Dashwood), Daddy Long Legs (Jerusha Abbott), Les Misérables (Eponine), Thoroughly Modern Millie (Millie), Peter and the Starcatcher (Molly Aster), and Peter Pan (Wendy Darling). 

With two feature films premiering this year Scout is a full-time film and stage actor, she also hosts Hello Sunday (BYUtv) and is mom to the cutest, brightest, most hilarious three-year-old in the world.

Kelly Coombs

Kelly Coombs

T · W · F · S (12:30pm)


Kelly was last seen on our stage as Lucy Grant in 2020’s production of Bright Star.  Other favorite credits include: Daddy Long Legs (Jerusha Abbott) and Newsies (Katherine) at Hale Center Theatre Orem and Cinderella (Gabrielle) and Seussical (Gertrude McFuzz) here at HCT. She graduated from UVU in performing arts and loves working in the education department at HCTO.


Taylor Morris

Taylor Morris

M · TH · S (4pm & 7:30pm)


Taylor’s credits include: HCT - An American in Paris, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Little Mermaid; HCTO - Blink, Damn Yankees; and BYU - The Count of Monte Cristo and Young Ambassadors.  Taylor has a BFA in Music Dance Theatre and a Master's in Public Administration from BYU where he currently works as EFY Program Administrator.  

“Lots of love to my wife, Bailee, and our three beautiful girls! Thanks for letting me come and play on stage. Shout out to my family, friends, and my friends that are family, and especially Randy, Rob, and Kelton.  Couldn’t imagine life without you all!”

David Paul Smith

David Paul Smith

T · W · F · S (12:30pm)

Back after thrilling audiences as Jerry Lee Lewis in Million Dollar Quartet! Credits include: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, She Loves Me (HCT); Million Dollar Quartet, Daddy Long Legs, Into the Woods, Thoroughly Modern Millie (HCTO); Noises Off, Oklahoma! (SCERA); and Forever Plaid (American Performing Arts International) Fringe Festival - Edinburgh, Scotland. 

David has a Bachelor’s of Music, emphasis in Media Music Studies, from BYU, and works for HCTO. “I’ve discovered the secret of happiness is not to mourn the past, nothing of any importance can last...the secret of happiness is here.”


Kelly De Haan 2019 B

Kelly DeHaan

See bio under Music Director

Tanner De Haan

Tanner DeHaan

Our audiences are no strangers to Tanner’s musical talent. He has provided live and recorded tracks for many productions at Hale Centre Theatre including Bright Star, Tuck Everlasting, Forever Plaid, and A Christmas Carol.  Tanner holds a Bachelors of Choral Music Education from the University of Utah and works as a piano and voice teacher.


Nicole Pinnell

Nicole Pinnell

Nicole has been the solo cellist for numerous recorded tracks and live performances including Bright Star here at HCT.  She is the solo cellist on three Grammy-nominated albums, a #1 Billboard charting album with Nathan Pacheco, and her own Billboard charting album of original arrangements, Away in a Manger: A Cello Christmas. 

Also an award-winning composer and educator, Nicole is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Performance. She loves people and gardening.  "Cello is the Sound of Love.” -Eugene Friesen

Josh Ogden

Josh Ogden


Josh is returning to the HCT stage once again to lend us his musical talents on the cello, most recently seen as a solo cellist in our production of Bright Star. Josh is currently studying Civil Engineering at BYU and works as a Research Assistant.


Bryan Hague

Bryan Matthew Hague

Returning after his rousing performance as Carl Perkins in Million Dollar Quartet, Bryan’s other credits include: Baz Lurhman’s Strictly Ballroom The Musical (live guitar), Tuck Everlasting, Joseph...Dreamcoat (Pharaoh), No Time for Sergeants (Ben Whitledge), The Wedding Singer (Robbie Hart) and Into The Woods (Rapunzel’s Prince) - HCT; 

Witchapalooza at The Gathering Place; and Reefer Madness (Jimmy Harper) - The Egyptian Theatre. Bryan holds a Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music from UVU and is a music producer, arranger, and composer. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Production Team Biographies


Jennifer Hill Barlow 2020

Jennifer Hill Barlow

2021 marks Jenny’s 13th Season with HCT. In early 2020, Jenny Directed/Choreographed the US Premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom The Musical. Jenny has created over 45 musicals in the last 13 years. Most notable, Assoc.Director/Choreographer, HCT’s An American in Paris starring ballet superstar and Disney film actress, Juliet Doherty. Other favorite directing/choreographic credits include: AIDA, In the Heights, Mary Poppins, Les Miserables, Anything Goes, Catch Me If You Can, Into the Woods, Joseph...Dreamcoat, Big Fish, Big River, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and Xanadu!.  

At age 15, Jenny received a professional contract to join Ballet West. She also toured/danced professionally with: the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Cincinnati Ballet, Utah Ballet Company, the Guangzhou Ballet Company in China, and performed three seasons at Tuacahn. She and her husband Blake are members of the of B’way producers/investors. Notable involvement Hadestown (B’Way), winner of 8 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Jenny received an MFA in choreography from the University of Utah and was awarded the Willam F. Christensen full-ride scholarship. She is the Owner/Artistic Director of the Barlow Arts Conservatory which was awarded “Outstanding School,” 3 times by the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix Ballet Competition, and her students hold 4 Grand Prix Titles.  She has been awarded the Best of State Utah Choreography medal 6 times. Many thanks to Mark and Sally for this opportunity; and to this unbelievable cast,  musicians, and creative team for their incredible talent, hard work, and effortless collaboration. Much love to Blake, Dash, & Hudson. 

Music Director

Kelly De Haan 2019 B

Kelly DeHaan

Kelly is one of the most sought-after Music Directors along the Wasatch Front. His talent and skills have been instrumental in the success of many of our productions, with the most recent being A Tale of Two Cities, Disney’s Tarzan, Disney’s Mary Poppins, Bright Star, Seussical, Freaky Friday, An American in Paris, AIDA, Forever Plaid, Sister Act, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Peter and the Starcatcher, Big Fish, Disney’s The Little Mermaid, GHOST the Musical, Catch Me If You Can, Mary Poppins, and Les Misérables. A few of Kelly’s stage roles at HCT include Catch Me if You Can (Carl Hanratty), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Goran), My Fair Lady (Colonel Pickering), Man of La Mancha (Sancho Panza), and Ragtime (Tateh). 

His extensive background makes him a highly-prized vocal teacher and coach. Kelly is a devoted teacher at Mountain Ridge High School. He is a recipient of the Music Educator of the Year Award from the Utah High School Activities Association, WorldStrides Music Teacher of the Year 2016. He is the 2017 recipient of the Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education. Kelly was also the winner for best music direction for HCT’s Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Kelly has lent his talents to various groups as a musical director for over 60 productions at local theatres, served as a soloist, clinician, and accompanist, and is a former member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Kelly holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Utah, where he was the singing coach for the Actor Training Program for four years. Kelly is the proud father of four boys and husband to one goddess wife.

Production Stage Manager

Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson

Megan is thrilled to be back in the Stage Manager seat at Hale Centre Theatre after helming Murder on the Orient Express and our 2019 & 2020  productions of A Christmas Carol. Favorite Stage Management credits include: SCERA Shell-Newsies; Noorda Performing Arts Center-Week of Dreams Events; Ragan Theater-Die Fledermaus; UVU-Jumpers. Asst. Stage Manager-Sundance Summer Theatre for Joseph...Dreamcoat. Stage Management Intern-O’Neill Theatre Center in Waterford, CT. 

Megan received her Associates of Arts from Snow College with an emphasis in Theatre and her Bachelor of Arts from Utah Valley University in Theatre. She graduated from both programs Summa Cum Laude. Megan also won the National Award in Stage Management at KCACTF Region 8 Competition in 2018. “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” -AA Milne.

Scenic Design & Video/Projection Design

Madeline Ashton 2020

Madeline Ashton


As an accomplished artist and associate Designer, Madeline’s work was recently seen in our productions of Les Miserables, A Tale of Two Cities, Disney’s Tarzan, Murder on the Orient Express, Million Dollar Quartet, Baz Lurhman’s Strictly Ballroom The Musical, Bright Star, Seussical, Matilda, and Cinderella.

 Other scenic design credits include Murder on the Orient Express (HCT), Oklahoma! (Sundance), Distance of the Moon (Sackerson), Let The Right One In, and Angels in America (An Other Theatre). Madeline earned a Bachelor Of Fine Arts in Scenic Design from Utah Valley University.

Costume Design

Peggy Willis

Peggy Willis

Peggy has designed & sewn for HCT since 2005. She lists some of her favorite designs as The Heart of Robin Hood, Peter and the Starcatcher, Big Fish, Tarzan, Les Miserables, The Civil War, The Three Musketeers, Treasure Island, AIDA (2006), The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Matilda. Peggy enjoys the design process but also loves stepping back to be a “sewing/crafting gremlin” in the costume shop. Peggy holds a BFA in Costume Design for Theatre from USU and currently works full-time in HCT’s Costume Shop. “Love and thanks to my family for their enthusiasm and support when my theatre world engulfs the real one!”

Lighting Design

Marianne Ohran

Marianne Ohran

Recent Hale Centre Theatre credits for Marianne include the Lighting Design for Murder On The Orient Express, Bright Star, and The Addams Family. She works as the Assistant Lighting Designer for BYU Arts Production. Marianne holds her Bachelor's Degree from Brigham Young University and her Master’s from the University of Idaho. Other credits include BYU - BYU Spectacular, Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables. Utah Metropolitan Ballet - Snow White

Sound Design

Dan Morgan 2020

Dan Morgan

Dan loves the challenge of theatrical sound and is very excited for the opportunity to work in such a marvelous place. Some of his favorite sound designs have been The Three Musketeers, The Wedding Singer, and A Tale of Two Cities. He feels blessed to have worked on a variety of other projects, which include The Savior of the World, The Nauvoo Pageant, A Brand New Year, and various concerts and television programs for the LDS Church. 

In addition, Dan has also worked as a sound designer/engineer for several local theaters and professional groups over the last 16 years, including large corporate events, TV broadcasts, and national/international tours. “Thanks to my own pack of Morgans for all their love and support!” 

Properties Design

Michelle Jensen 2020

Michelle Jensen

Michelle is extremely passionate about details, research, beautiful and interesting “things,” anything to do with flowers, and opening packages. She recently designed her 75th show with our A Tale of Two Cities; some of her other favorite designs have included The Drowsy Chaperone, Over The River..., Les Misérables, Tarzan, Tuck Everlasting, My Fair Lady, AIDA, and She Loves Me

She retired from teaching first grade after 32 years. Michelle is thrilled to be part of the HCT production team and is grateful for the encouragement and support of her three beautiful daughters, two charming sons-in-law, and her amazing husband, Steve. 

Hair & Make Up Design

Candice Cronin

Candice Cronin


Candice started with HCT in 2014 with Mary Poppins. Since then, she has worked as a costume and wig dresser and was a makeup artist for Disney’s Beauty and The Beast. She is a graduate of Paul Mitchell the School, and currently works as an instructor there, as well as in the HCT wig studio. “I would like to thank Trisha and Krissa for being such big mentors! I have learned so much from you guys, and I’m so grateful for the opportunities you have given me. I also want to thank Adam, Cordelia, and Gabriella for being so supportive of my dream to work in theatre. Love you guys!”

Video/Projection Design

Bobby Gibson 2020

Bobby Gibson


Previous HCT credits include Projection Designer for A Tale of Two Cities, Disney’s Tarzan, Murder on the Orient Express, Million Dollar Quartet, Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom The Musical, Bright Star, Seussical, The Addams Family, Cinderella, Freaky Friday, Matilda and video content for A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.

Bobby studied video production at Utah Valley University. He owns and operates In Blue Productions, specializing in aerial video, time-lapse, and motion graphics. He is a huge theatre nerd and co-hosts the “We Are Here, Broadway” YouTube channel about all things theatre. “Don’t be in such a rush to have everything figured out. Embrace the unknown and let life surprise you.”


Automation Design

Siamani 2021

Siamani Moananu


Siamani is honored to be providing the automation design for Daddy Long Legs - his first solo design. He has worked at HCT as an Automation Specialist/Rigger for 3 years and notes Seussical! as one of his favorite productions. “I love what I do! And I hope that you all LOVE IT TOO!”

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April 12 – June 12

A Marvelous Twist of Fate! Based on Jean Webster’s beloved novel. Jerusha is the “oldest orphan in the John Grier Home” until a mysterious benefactor sends her to college. She is never to know his identity—so she invents one—Daddy Long Legs. Who is he? Why does he remain removed? With the delicious flair of a Victorian dessert, Jerusha’s journey is one of hope, dejection and ultimately, love. Infectious music. Unforgettable story-telling. In the style of Jane Austen… By Gordon and Caird. A New Theatrical Treasure!!!


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June 21 – August 28

Country Music’s ICON Comes to Life! Loaded with 27 smash hits! …Crazy…I Fall to Pieces …Walking After Midnight …laced with emotion and audience participation! In 1961—after singing in a Texas Honky Tonk—Patsy befriended Louise, a fan from Houston. They became lasting pen-pals until a tragic plane crash took Patsy’s life at the tender age of 30. Her music and their joyful friendship live to tell her story! Applaud live country musicians, sweetened with Patsy’s mega-hits and salted with down-home humor! By Ted Swindley. Pure Delight!


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July 5 – August 14

Tony Award Winner! Classic Broadway at its best! A famous movie starring Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra! New York City, 1950 … Sarah Brown, a fervent soldier for the ‘Save a Soul’ mission, tries to reform a rowdy bunch of underground thugs and gamblers. A game of chance—then love sneaks in! Fabulous tunes… Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat … Luck Be a Lady … Jaw-dropping talent! Show-stopping dance! Brilliant costumes, sets and lights —all on HALE’s world-class Centre Stage. By Loesser, Swerling and Burrows. A Theatrical Delight!

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August 30 – October 23

Tony Award Winner! A gorgeous retelling of the famous novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Early 1900’s … Raised in India and bereft of parents, Mary finds herself in faraway England left to the care of a distant uncle. How she brings love to his heart, hope to a child and life to a garden is a miracle! The music is simply magnificent… Hold On… How Could I Ever Know? Breathtaking staging will mesmerize young and old! By Marsha Norman and Lucy Simon. A Sure Sell Out.

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September 13 – November 20

The World’s Longest Running Play! Having performed continuously on London’s West End since 1952, this is Agatha Christie at her finest! A young couple renovate an old monastery into a boarding house. Each visitor is salted with mystic. Add a murder in the nearby village … Add a powerful winter storm … Add the comedy of a well-conceived game and ‘Voila’ a mystery to die for! AND a mystery it remains as each onlooker is pledged not to reveal the culprit. A perfect thrill for a fall chill!


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November 8 – January 8

THRILL TO THE CAR THAT FLIES! ‘Oh, you pretty Chitty Bang Bang’! Come soar with the car that rattles, swims and flies as the whimsical adventures of Caractacus Potts, his darling children and the truly, Truly Scrumptious weave splendid adventures on HCT’s enchanted stage! The MGM movie made it timeless. London’s West End and Broadway made it sparkle anew.  Based on Ian Fleming’s famous children’s book … the genius Sherman Brothers (Mary Poppins) and Sams created the most fantasmigorical stage musical of all time! Book Early!

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