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No. 314

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To the generous sponsors of Freaky Friday (Youth).

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Show Information

Hale Centre Theatre's production of

Book by

Bridget Carpenter

Music by

Tom Kitt

Lyrics by

Brian Yorkey

Based on the novel Freaky Friday by

Mary Rodgers

and the Disney films


Orchestrations by Michael Starobin & Tom Kitt

Vocal Arrangements by Carmel Dean & Tom Kitt

Dance Arrangements & Incidental Music by Tom Kitt

Additional Orchestrations by Marco Marinangeli

Additional Incidental Music by Carmel Dean

Freaky Friday One Act Edition Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

The videotaping or making of electronic or other audio and/or visual recordings of this production and distributing recordings or streams in any medium, including the internet, is strictly prohibited a violation of the author(s)’s rights, and is actionable under United States Copyright Law.

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Production Team

Director: David Smith

Choreographer: David Smith

Music Director: Bailee Morris

Production Stage Manager: Rosalynn Eardley

Scenic Design: Mauri Smith

Costume Design: Peggy Willis

Asst. Costume Design: Angelica Lehr

Lighting Design: Lindsey Young

Sound Design: Griffin McMullin / Evan Saunders

Properties Design: Danna Barney / Kimberly Quiroz

Hair & Make-up Design: Krissa Lent

Video/Projection Design: Keaton Mangleson

Automation Design: Nathan Gallegos



Character Name

Ellie Blake: Rachel Paz

Katherine Blake: Tanya Cespedes

Fletcher: Jaxon Bell

Mike: Maxwell Sperry

Karl: Dillan Haddock

Monica: Violet Ingram

Adam: Carter Reid

Savannah: Ava Smith

Kitty: Gretel Carey

Torrey: Sarah Folster

Danielle/Cater Waiter: Lyndsie Lyu

Louis/Cater Waiter: Dominic Rogers-Cordero

Dr. Ehrin/Cater Waiter: Aleya Capener

Mr. Blumen/Cater Waiter: Micah Libby

Mrs. Luckenbill/Cater Waiter: Kate Haymond

Senora O'Brien/Cater Waiter: Annaliese Mila

Mrs. Meyers/Cater Waiter: Camryn Ridley

Officer Kowalski/Cater Waiter: Lauren Sivulich

Mrs. Time/Cater Waiter: Zoey Stender

Minister/Cater Waiter: Lucy Carver

Ensemble - Student: Avri Davidson

Ensemble - Student: Shelby Reardon

Ensemble - Student: Zurie Paul

Ensemble - Student: Eleanor (Ella) Kern

Ensemble - Student: Hollie Hoffman

Ensemble - Student: Millie Hansen

Ensemble - Student: Brooke Hansen

Ensemble - Student: Grace Woodhouse

Ensemble - Student: Kate Francis

Ensemble - Student: Tyson Russell

Ensemble - Student: Cole Young

Ensemble - Student: Coleby Sperry

Ensemble - Student: Brody Anderson

Ensemble - Student: Mack Boyer

Ensemble - Student: Katherine Clark


Run Crew

Production Stage Manager: Rosalynn Eardley

Stage Manager Staff

  • Youth Calling Stage Manager: Claire Mila
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Facio Long
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Suri Taylor


Automation 1: Nathan Gallegos

Automation 2: Scott Freeland

Automation 2: Nathan Jennings

Lightboard Staff: Lucas Russell

Audio Engineer: Meg Johnson

Youth Audio Engineer: Joshua Oveson

Audio 2 Staff: Richelle Ohumukini

Audio 2: Eli Garfield

Stage Technician Staff: McKenzie Maag-Gallegos

Stage Technician - 1: Madison Wheeler

Stage Technician - 2: Zachary Schaffer


Followspot Staff

Followspot Op - 1: Gage Maw

Followspot Op - 2: Zoey Zuck

Followspot Op - 3: Kevin Parker

Followspot Op - 4: William Gray

Followspot Op - 5: Chase Burnell

Followspot Op - 6: Layla Anderson


Wardrobe Dresser Staff

  • Luseane Pasa
  • Lilly Reeder
  • Alyssa Allred
  • Attryel Ang
  • Wardrobe Dresser: J Wiley


Hair & Makeup Staff

Hair & Makeup Staff: Claire Jones

Hair & Makeup Youth Crew: Becks Patterson


Parent Volunteers

  • DeEtte Young, Karen Russell, Tisha Stender, Whitney Ingram
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Synopsis of Scenes

Scene 1: Blake House, Kitchen

Just One Day

Ellie, Katherine, Fletcher, Mike, Torrey, Cater Waiters

The Hourglass

Ellie, Katherine

I Got This (Part 1)

Ellie, Katherine

Scene 2: Pinewood Falls High School, Hallway

I Got This (Part 2)

Ellie, Savannah, Students

Scene 3: Blake House, Kitchen

Scene 4: Pinewood Falls High School, Biology Lab

Oh, Biology

Ellie, Adam, Karl, Monica, Savannah, Kitty, Students

Scene 5: Blake House

Scene 6: Pinewood Falls High School, Hallway & Principal’s Office

Scene 7: Vintage Antiques

I Got This (Reprise) 


Scene 8: Pinewood Falls High School, Gymnasium

Watch Your Back 

Ms. Meyers, Ellie, Adam, Karl, Monica, Students

Scene 9: Bus Stop

Parents Lie 


Scene 10: Blake House, Kitchen

I’m Not Myself Today 

Full Company

Scene 11: Bus Stop

Scene 12: Blake House, Kitchen

Scene 13: The Hunt, Various Locations


Adam, Ellie, Karl, Monica, Students

Scene 14: Blake House, Kitchen

Scene 15: Mrs. Time’s & The Finish Line

Scene 16: Blake House

The Other Hourglass

Ellie, Katherine

Today and Ev’ry Day (Part 1) 

Ellie, Katherine

Scene 17: Blake House, Backyard

Today and Ev’ry Day (Part 2) 

Ellie, Katherine, Mike


At Last It’s Me 

Full Company

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